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Mars III Tower

Online UPS, 6 ~ 10 kW, scalable to 40 kW.

MARS III Tower features Power Factor 1 on all ratings, delivering 13% more active power than its competitors for the same kVA. And with 4 units in parallel also redundancy is at the highest!




  • Power Factor 1.0

  • 4 units parallel, 3+1 redundancy possibility with the parallel kit

  • Generator compatibility to guarantee efficient functioning

  • Flexible battery configuration to best adapt to your needs

  • Precise back-up time estimation

  • Multiple operation modes to maximize energy efficiency

  • Flash upgradable firmware for updates and customization

  • Hot-swap batteries - batteries can be replaced while UPS working

  • Isolation Transformer for 120/208/240v output. 

  • Remote EPO and On/Off functions


MSIII TORRE EN specs.png
Line Interactive UPS certifications.png
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