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why ENERSINE, the Active Power Filter from Ablerex


ENERSINE, Ablerex Active Power Filter (APF), is the best solution to compensate variable harmonics pollution and leading or lagging power factor. It’s perfect for applications where a high level of harmonics pollution is produced by the load, typically in industrial environments or where various kinds of digital loads are present, or where motors are frequently started and stopped.

The Monolithic versions are available in ratings of 60A, 80A, 100A and 150A, parallelable up to 4 (60A and 80A) or 8 (100A and 150A) units. Therefore, they can compensate for currents up to 1200A.
An open chassis version is also available for the ratings of 100A and 150A, perfect to be installed in dedicated cabinets (higher IP, A/C…).

The Modular topology is even more precise in the current definition. In fact, the modules are available in 60A and 80A versions and they can be mixed in the same system, for a total of 24 modules in parallel. So, the total maximum current is 1920A. In terms of cabinets, two sizes are available, one to host 4 modules, the other ready for 6 modules. Ablerex modular APF, ENERSINE, is really the best solution to achieve maximum flexibility and scalability.

All ENERSINE versions come with some common features:


• 3 Level DSP technology for top performances
• Space-saving high power density design
• The same model applies 3 Phase 3 Wires/ 4 Wires System
• Can work in a closed or open loop
• Compensate up to 51st harmonics with a response time of less than 1ms and reaction time of few μs
• Selective mode – Choice of up to 16 harmonics to compensate
• Inbuilt Power Factor Correction
• Mains current balancing
• No overload effects, the filter is installed in parallel to the load
• Advanced operations interface: 7” Color LCD Touch Screen to set all system’s parameters and read the 500 lines logfile
• SD card to download log file, records waveform and parameters
• Display voltage/current waveform, parameter and frequency spectrum
• Multiple languages
• Customizable LCD SW with logo
• Complete standard communication: 3x output and 1x input dry contact, RS485 Modbus, Ethernet, settable e-mail alarm


The modular versions of ENERSINE show some specific extra feature:


• Easy hot-scalable and hot-swappable power modules
• 60 or 80A per module, up to 1920A with 24 in parallel
• 1 LCD screen for all the parallel system
• 1 Control Module for 8 Power Modules
• Easy to install in standard 19” rack cabinet

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