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120 VCA 1800W  900 Joules of protection 

Specially designed to provide protection for refrigerator compressor that need a time delay, also provide protection to all house hold electro domestic appliances like microwaves, electronic devices as rice cooker, coffee makers, and everything expose to get damage on the digital components and also office equipment like printers, computers, routers including pc's and any product you plug to the wall that is important to you can protected entertainment centers, tv, sound bars, game devices and all that is expose to electric events can be ensure out of problems with the only use of this IVProtector. 


  • Able to rotate from 0 to 350 degrees to avoid blocking other wall outlets.

  • Able to turn on or off output by switching main switch.

  • High and low AC voltage detection.

  • Output suppression and 15 sec/ 30 sec/ 3 mins delay reconnection.

  • Network surge suppression: RJ-45/11.

  • 900 Joules of protection.

  • Build on led's to show normal low & high voltage.

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