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DSP-Controlled On-line UPS 

The Ares Plus ECO On-Line Series is an interruptible power supply incorporating double conversion technology. It provides perfect protection specifically for computer equipment, communication systems, medical applications and industry control systems. The double converter principle eliminates all mains power disturbances. A rectifier converts the alternating current from the socket outlet to direct current. This direct current charges the batteries and powers the inverter. Because of this DC voltage the inverter generates pure sinusoidal AC voltage witch permanently supply the loads. Computers and peripherals are thus power entirely by the mains voltage.




• True Double conversion design with high adaptability to harsh mains conditions.

• Programable LCD display for quick UPS   parameters configuration.

• Wide voltage range increases battery life

• Multiple mode of operation for better. adaptability.

• Option for external battery banks.

• Robust construction supports the highest level of overload in its class.

• Varius communication ports for easy management.



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