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Ares Plus Tower

DSP-Controlled On-line UPS 

ARES PLUS Tower has got a number of smart features that

increase battery life. Thanks to the new Battery Discharge

protection control function, prolong durability and provides

remote on applications. 




  • On-Line Topology provides best available protection

  • DSP control provide more accuracy & functionality

  • Wide input range (110~300VAC) extend battery life

  • Harmonics content control maintains clean power lines

  • Multi Mode operation for maximum adaptability

  • Smart fan design provides for a quieter operation

  • Smart Self diagnostics to assure reliability

  • Easy Firmware Upgrade prolongs the life of the UPS

  • SNMP compatible allows for easy integration to existing platforms.

  • Standard Emergency Power Off for buildings compliance

  • Optional Programmable Outlets

  • IGBT technology for a cleaner output and improved efficiency.    


ARPLUS 230V EN specs_ARPLUS2 6.png
Line Interactive UPS certifications.png
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