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Enersine Pro

AB Enersine Pro Modular.png
Enersine Pro Modular_inside.png

Maximum active harmonics and power factor compensation

Ablerex Active Power Filters (APF) in modular topology are the best solution to compensate variable power factor and harmonics. With high current ratings from 320A to 480A they are adapted to any load size for maximum versatility of use.

  • Modular and easy to extend

  • 3 Level Technology

  • Space-saving high power density design

  • Hot-scalable power modules

  • 60A/80A per module

  • Flexible Power Capacity Combination

  • Up to 1920A for parallel operation

  • Apply to 3 Phase 3 Wires/4 Wires System

  • Advanced DSP technology, programmable

  • Close/Open Loop Control

  • Compensate up to 51st harmonics

  • Power Factor Correction

  • Correct unbalance three phase utility

  • No problem of overload

  • Advanced Operation Interface— 7” Colorful  LCD Touch Screen

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