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MV- Series DC Mini UPS
15/24 W   9 VDC / 12 VDC  PoE  
Ethernet Surge Protection

Specially designed to provide uninterrupted power to telecommunication and security equipment, with its internal lithium battery controlled and protected by micro -processor, it delivers voltages of 9 Vdc or 12 Vdc to peripherals, PoE passive 15 / 24 Vdc and surge protection for  Ethernet devices.

Ideal to maintain business assistance systems, routers, security cameras, points of sale and portable where a DC power source is needed. 

On Line Power backup especially for Routers, Modems, VOIP phone system, Remote Security Devices, Web Cams, Access Control System, Fanless Embedded System (IPC), Raspberry Pi.

AB-MVE for Ethernet Surge protection,

AB-MVPOE for POE Webcam and POE WiFi Router Optional model "A" provides AC/DC adapter to convert in to a PoE injector.


• DC On Line UPS /Auto Start
• Switchable input DC Voltage 9V / 12V
• Digital Microprocessor Control
• Real Time Back Up
• Uses Battery IC Protection
• LED Indicators
• Over Discharge, Overload, Short Circuit
• Over Charge, Surge Protection
• Passive 15/24 Vdc MVPOE models only.

• Ethernet surge protection

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Specifications AB-MVPoE / AB-MVE /  AB-MV /  DC UPS

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Specifications AB-MVPoE / AB-MVE /  AB-MV / "A" DC UPS

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