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BRIC M Series
Modular Architecture UPS
25-30-40-50kVA Power Modules

Designed to protect any critical load for Data Centers, Industry, Healthcare, Networking, achieving maximum availability. The BRIC M Series offer different grown capacities with different power modules & cabinets to fit your personal needs of power and redundancy allowing easy maintenance and reducing any repair time to a minimum. Service code is provided for remote assistance. Manual bypass is installed on all models as a safety feature.





• Modular Online UPS 380/400/415 VAC
• 3 Level IGBT technology delivers 96% efficiency
• High power density on small footprint
• Choose power module capacity for your need
• Friendly large 7" or 10" colorful touch screen
• Comprehensive monitoring management
• Critical wave form recording for main events
• Smart power walk in and power sleep functions
• Full hot swap High tech power modules
• Adjustable battery number, sealed L.A. or lithium
• Redundant parallel functionality up to 2000 kW


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