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1500 VA / 1000 W

Small compact  Inverter specially designed to provide uninterrupted power to small and medium electronics devices, telecommunication and digital security equipment, The Inverter & UPS functionality with fast automatic transfer time controlled and protected by micro -processor,  Automatically delivers voltages of 120 VAC to peripherals. Ideal to maintain Home electro domestics as TV, PC, Laptops, Tables, Cellular chargers on the go as portable or wall mounted for mobile vehicles, medical or renewable solar or wind power complements.


• Inverter Charger UPS /Auto Start
• 120 v 50/60 Hz markets
• Digital Microprocessor Control
• Real Time Back Up with fast transfer time
• Uses Battery LOW voltage Protection
• LCD Indicator
• Over Discharge, Overload, Short Circuit
• Over Charge, Surge Protection

• SR232 port SNMP & WIFI capability

• GEL, AGM, VRLA, Open, Lithium Battery ready
• Wall mount or desktop 

• Output sockets Nema-Universal-Euro-Arg-etc.

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